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About Me

Lover of books, yoga and history (not necessarily always in that order!). My particular interest is the medieval and Tudor periods, and the lives of women during that time. I love reading about past generations and truly believe that understanding the past can help us make sense of the present.

My first foray into the middle ages was reading about the Boleyn sisters, Anne and Mary. Their stories enchanted me and I became absorbed in their lives, reading everything I could about them. Even now I cannot say for certain whether I believe they were mistresses of their own destiny, or victims of their circumstances. That, in itself is what fascinates me, the forever wondering and looking for new evidence, new stories – like piecing together a puzzle.

I can claim no academic training but come to my subject with a passion and desire to read anything I can get my hands on to develop an understanding of how people lived in comparison to how we live today.

I am currently working on my fifth book so keep an eye on my website for further details.

All opinions and errors are my own!

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